American Style

1. Desert Dance

An original choreography by Selena Kareena. Class includes notes and music. Please bring 2 veils, silk or your choice of fabric.

2. Classical Veil Work for Authentic Belly Dance

Selena Kareena Belly Dancing with a VeilLearn Selena’a signature ‘Veil Wrap’ technique and more in this fun class covering traditional styles and combinations. Selena will share her best tricks, gleaned over twenty years as a dancer – discover seamless seemingly magical transitions – with veils! Class includes music and notes.Please bring 2 veils.

3. Selena’s Magical Techniques for Double Veil

Selena will share with you her magical techniques for double veil, for both American and Egyptian styles. Class includes music and notes. Please bring 2 veils.

4. Old World American Cabaret

A Choreography to the Classic Ena Wenta, taught in 4 parts: Intro Technique/Veil Wrap; Arms; Veil work; and for the finale, how to dance with finger cymbals and veils at the same time. You will learn three variations for the cymbals interchanging between different dance combinations.

5. Slow Toxeem / Sensual Moves to Chiftetelli Rhythm

Includes Selena’s favorite arm moves and classic ’70s style poses, all designed to bring aesthetic beauty to your slow dance sections. Instruction will cover framing the body with classical arms, varying back bends and floor work poses. Class includes notes and music. Please bring knee pads and yoga mats or heavy blankets.

6. Classical Floor Work for Authentic Belly Dance

Selena Kareena - workshops on Belly Dance including Floor Work with SwordsIn this class we will practice all of the traditional floor work movements – moves that were regarded in the ’70s as “requirements” in an authentic Oriental belly dance routine. Please bring yoga mats and knee pads for floor work, and swords (optional) to use in Scimitar Poses.

7. Istanbul Nightclub

Istanbul Nightclub - Turkish Belly DanceIn this class Selena will teach an original ‘Dahlena” choreography to Rompi Rompi. The style was designed for Turkish Karsilama and was used in American Cabaret routines in the ’70s! Have fun learning rare vintage choreography ! Class includes notes and music. Please bring full skirts!

8. Gypsy Romance

Gypsy Romance Style of Belly DancingPractice with zills and learn technique for Karsilama rhythms. Finger cymbals will be used while dancing to traditional Karsilama/kashlimar 9/8 rhythm, then zills and specific 9/8 dance combinations will be added to the combination. Please bring finger cymbals. Full skirts are optional but more fun!