Selena Kareena, belly dancer

Selena Kareena, an internationally-acclaimed performer and instructor of Raks Sharqi, has performed and taught throughout the USA and Mexico.

Selena’s Foundation (Who I AM):

Known for her authentic interpretations of the Egyptian style of dance both folkloric and oriental, Selena is an accomplished choreographer and improvisational dance instructor, as well as a performer and event producer.

Selena Kareena is the producer of The FLORALIA International Dance Festival held annually on the first week end of May in Truth or Consequences, NM, USA. FLORALIA sponsors professional dance artists both national and international in instruction and performance shows.

Of FLORALIA, Selena says “My intention is to create opportunities for both the working professional artist and musicians as well as the up and coming stars of tomorrow – to have a showcase for their talents and provide a venue so they can be seen and enjoyed by the public and their peers. I strive to create beautiful renditions of the music and dance art of the Middle and near East, for both entertainment and educational purposes.”

Selena began her studies of Middle Eastern Dance in 1987. She has studied from many masters of the Egyptian style: Maestro Mahmoud Reda and Farida Fahmey, Dr. Mo Gedawwi, Mona Said, Aida Nour, Dina Dandash and most recently Randa Kamel. She also had the privilege of studying with the late Bobbby Farah and Nadia Gamal – and has been inspired by many others over the years.

“The great American belly dance scene of the ’60s and ’70s totally thrilled and inspired me,” says Selena of the golden era that continues to captivate dancers and audiences today. There are so many American dancers who have taught and inspired Selena Kareena that she cannot here give credit to them all, but here are a few:

Helena Vlahos (Greek legend), Los Angeles, CA; Eva Cernik, Denver; Dahlena, AZ; the late great Serena Wilson of NY City; the lovely Joynon in Colorado; Carmen Evans, Arizona; Sahra Saida, California, Cassandra of Minnesota; and so many more!

Quotes from Selena:

“My greatest love is performance. Whether it be for an audience of 10 or 100 I just love the interaction and magic that happens from the exchange of energy and the transformative power of the music as experienced by both dancer and viewer, together becoming one within the moment.”
Selena Kareena - Hire a Belly Dancer for your next event!

“I believe the music and the dance are a bridge to creating peace and undertanding amongst ALL people everywhere. I will continue to teach and perform with God’s blessings as long as I am able.”

“When in doubt, just dance”

…dedicated to all my sisters who dance
~ Selena Kareena