May 4-6, 2012
Ancient Art Dance Studio / Feraferia Paradisial Sanctuary
127 Calle Del Norte
Monticello, NM 87939

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Driving Directions if you’re coming from the North
Driving Directions if you’re coming from the South

3 days of Dance Workshops, Performances and a Dinner/Dance Show, with live Music by Sadagah, vendors, and more!


The 2012 FLORALIA Belly Dance Festival for the Goddess will be an Outdoor Festival as it was originally intended. Come join us in a joyous celebration of the return of Spring; rebirth upon the planet in nature’s own playground under starry nights and the beautiful full moon.

Selena’s Country Estate is about 30 minutes (by car) northwest of Truth or Consequences, NM.

Overnight hotel Accomodations can be arranged in Truth or Consequences or Elephant Butte, or if you would like to camp out under the stars in Selena’s “Feraferia Paradisial Sanctuary” you may do so! Contact Selena for more information.


Friday May 4, 2012

9:00-10:30 am

“Egyptian style dance Technique and Playful Combinations”

We are sorry to have to announce that Leyla Najma will be unable to attend this year’s FLORALIA due to some unanticipated personal events; here is The “GOOD NEWS”! The Lovely and talented Raksanna from Chicago, Il has stepped up to the plate to teach on Friday! Thank You Raksanna!

10:45am-12:15 pm

“The Gypsy Caravan”

Gypsy dances are fun, passionate, unexpected and uninhibited. In this workshop you will learn how to stylize basic bellydance movements into the romanticized version of “Gypsy style”. Also You will learn turns,kicks,& foot placements. This colorful caravan of movements is ideal if you want to learn the Romantic Gypsy style or if you want to merge different styles into your belly dance routine. Please bring a least a 9 yd skirt, pen notebook and small towel and water bottle.  (All Levels)
Danitza is the owner of The Somaya Academy in Juarez Mexico.


1:00-2:30 pm

“Spice It Up!”

Learn strategies for creating combos that sizzle with your own special sauce. Get inspired with Katia’s sculptural and dynamic exploration of the music and the dance. (All Levels)
Katia is known worldwide for her creativity, expression, and grace. Drawing from university studies of dance, as well as years of studying, teaching, and performing oriental dance, she brings to the stage and the classroom a wealth of knowledge, experience, and originality. Her videos have won several prestigious awards, including the IAMED award for best instructional video.

2:45-4:15 pm

“Shaabi Pop”

In this class Latiffa is excited to share with you her newest choreography, inspired by her latest travels to Cairo, Egypt in June 2011 (Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival). The song is a “Shaabi PoP” and is the Modern Cairo Style. The song is “Bossa” the number 1 song on Cairo radio in 2012-2011.(Suggested Intermediate Level)
Latiffa is the owner of Latiffa Studio Danza Arabe in Chihuahua MX

Saturday May 5, 2012

9:00-10:30 am

“Isis Wings”

Soaring Goddess or floundering seagull? In this workshop, you will learn a short dynamic Isis Wings choreography as well as tips to control those wings for an awe inspiring performance. Please bring Isis Wings or two veils (All Levels)

10:45-12:15 pm

“Mesmerizing Slow Moves & Mystical Candle Dance”

Create lovely body lines & Magical combinations with undulating torsos, snakey arms, expressive hands and hypnotic vibrations. Tap into those core muscles for a sensuality that feels as good as it looks then “Deep into the Candle Dance” using some of the liquid slow moves with candles, candle arms,balancing poses, traveling & simple floor moves (Modifications for various skill levels) building into short choreographys and combos using 1, 2 and 3 candles for solo, duet and group dances.


1:00-2:30 pm

“1970s Style American Cabaret”

Learn firsthand the dance styles, and hear about the life style of a working dancer from the 1970s “Golden Era” of dance in America. Kamala will teach 2 of the 5 parts of an American Cabaret routine: The Entrance, and the Taxim. You will use zills and a veil.
BIO: Kamala began her dance career in 1977 and was one of themost popular dancers in the flourishing Middle Eastern Nightclub scene of Southern California. She was featured in several television shows and on film, performing the American Cabaret style of the times. In the 1980s Kamala transitioned to Egyptian style dance, and performed nightly with Egyptian orchestras in the Arabic nightclubs of Hollywood, CA. Mexico and London England along with Sahra Saeeda, she was a founding member of “Arabesque Dance Company” performing choreographyes directed and choreographed by Egypt’s esteemed Farida Fahmy of the original Reda Troupe.

2:45-4:15 pm
San Francisco

“Fiery Floorwork”

Learn this long lost art that is making it’s way back into the main stream! Athletic and sensual, it is said that floorwork used to be a quintessential part of every dancers routine, until it was banned in several eastern countries. We will explore a challenging and sensual (yet tasteful) routine and how to work safely while developing strength stamina and flexibility. Costuming advise, music examples and ideas for how to integrate into your show will be offered. Veil needed. (For intermediate/advanced levels or check with instructor)

Sunday May 6, 2012

9:00-10:30 am

“Mesmerizing Moves ~ from Earthy to Sublime

First, tap into that liquid sensuality that Rafi’ah is known for working with slithery moves from your core that feel as good as they look. Then ADD depth and drama with exciting accents, unique poses, layered shimmies and serpentine arms. This is a fun expressive workshop guaranteed to spice up your repertoire, refine your technique and spark your creativity no matter what style of belly dance. (All levels)
Rafi’ah Ruyah is a well loved dancer in the state of Colorado and is a favorite workshop instructor on the circuit, known for her specialty; mesmerizing serpentine dance movements.


“Mahmoud Reda Combinations”

Reda Troupe Combinations~Kamala performed in a company that was directed & choreographed by Farida Fahmy, the star of the original Reda Troupe. Kamala has many fun combinations used in Reda choreographies that add grace and style to your Oriental dance performance.
More on Kamala:
In the 1990s Kamala was the artistic director of “Flowers of the Desert”, LA’s most popular Belly Dance company. The Flowers produced numerous sold out theatre productions featuring both traditional and more experimental choreographies. All members of the company were established professional dancers including Princess Farhana, The Belly Twins, and Jayna of the Belly Dance Superstars.
Kamala has been teaching since 1992 and has become one of LAs most sought after teachers and choreographers. Kamala continues to travel to Egypt & study with Egypt’s top stars including Dina, Randa Kamel and Raqia Hassan to name just a few. She strives to bring her students not only the 30+ years of personal experience, but also the newest styles coming out of the Middle East. Kamala has coached & choreographed for many first place champions in Belly dance Competitions. She has produced her own theatre productions, including “A Choreographers’ Collective in 2011 featuring some of America’s best choreographers of Oriental dance. You can see Kamala’s career from the `70s to today on her Youtube channel “Kamaladance”.



“Pop Til You Drop”

Whether You like it or not, every working dancer needs to know at least one pop routine. Restaurant owners and private party customers want up beat, popular music to set a good mood or get the party started. In this workshop, you will learn a fun pop routine to Nancy Ajram’s Ebn El Geran. Even if you are not a working dancer, come join us for a hip shaking good time. (All levels)
Nyla Crystal is from Sacramento Ca. and is a local favorite for parties around the San Francisco Bay Area. She and Surreyya make up “Troupe Scimitar‘ A Talented and Beautiful Dance Duet known for their specialty “Sword Dances”


“High Def Drum Solo Combinations”

Take your drum solo dancing from Lo-Fi to HD! This workshop will teach you complex, hip twisting combination to common patterns found in many drum solos. (Intermediate/advanced)
Surreyya Hada is one of San Franciscos’ Darlings of Belly Dance. She also writes for “The Gilded Serpent’ online Belly Dance magazine and produces some beautiful Belly Dance Videos and sings with Her Band, Hazerfan. Surreyya and Nyla Crystal are “Troupe Scimitar”, and are known for their specialty sword dance Duets.