Floralia Belly Dance Festival

coming in From the SOUTH (Las Cruces / El Paso) heading Northbound on I-25

It is about a (2 hour) hour drive, approx 90 miles from Las Cruces.
When driving in from the South it is best to fill up your tank in Truth or Consequences as there are no Gas stations here in the Valley!
We are about 30 miles NW of TorC as the Crow flies.

When driving from las Cruces You will come to the City of Truth or Consequences. There are Two exits into (TorC),#75on the south side and  #79 on the north End.
There are Gas Stations, Walmart/Food/hotels on North End of town!
After stopping in Truth or Consequences to  gas up, get munchies, check in to your hotel room etc. You will head north on interstate I-25 driving towards Albuquerque.
You will take the first exit past TorC (exit#83) (approx 3mi north of TorC). Take Exit #83 off the Freeway.  Come to intersection and turn LEFT onto hiway #181.  Follow signs to MONTICELLO.
You are heading North.
You will drive under the interstate and pass the airport on Your left.
(go approx 3 miles)
There will be a “small sign” on your right. (Cuchillo/Monticello).
Take a left onto Hiway #52 at this junction!
NOW, Go approx 3 miles on hwy #52 and follow the signs to MONTICELLO!
WATCH for The road to Y!(approx 3 miles).
Turn (Veer)Right here at the “Y”.
You will turn here and go to the right onto hwy #142.
Be sure to turn right at the Y.
Do not Go straight or You will be traveling west towards Cuchillo.
Watch for the road to “Y”!
You are NOW traveling NWesterly for about 11 miles “flat and straight road”, open range (watch for cows, especially BLACK ones after dark; coyotes and other wildlife!)

THEN! Eureka! ALL of a sudden the road drops down a steep hill into a Lovely valley~Monticello Canyon`la Alamosa Valley` YOU ARE HERE! with a magnificent mountain range towering above the valley to the North.

Go down the Hill carefully!! and when You get to the bottom the road is dirt for a short bit, then You will cross “The Bridge of Grace”.  After You cross the Bridge, follow the road around to the left heading up the canyon and we are exactly 1/4 mile on your Right.
Cell phones Do not work here!

There is a sign on the GATE: 127 Calle Del Norte, ANCIENT ART DANCE STUDIO,
There is a Big Building, this is where the workshops and SHOWS will be, and a Long GREEN Fence!

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