Egyptian Classical

1. Folkloric Styles

(2-3 hour class for Intermediate to Advanced levels)

1) Raks Assaya-Saidi Technique
Raks Assaya-Saidi TechniqueAuthentic Egyptian Choreography, as performed for The Girl Effect Show on Friday Oct 28th 2011. Choreography by Osama Emam. Class includes notes and music. Bring a Cane!
2) Melaya Laf, Eskandarani
A traditional fun and flirty Egyptian style folkloric dance done with the Melaya. Original Choreography by Selena Kareena. Please bring an melaya or heavy veil. Some melayas will be available to use/purchase. Class includes dance history, notes, and music.
3) Golden Age Egyptian
Choreography to the classic piece “Tamra henna” made famous by Thelate Great Naima Akef in a film of the same name. Original Choreography by the great Aida Nour of Reda Troupe fame. Class includes notes and music.

2. Egyptian Classical Oriental

(3 hours minimum; Advanced to Professional levels suggested)

Selena has designed Original Egyptian-styled choreographies to the following Classic Egyptian Songs.

1) “Alf leyla Wa lela” (Thousand and One Nights)
2) “Min Hobi Fik” Ya Ghari (Modern Egyptian)
3) “Sharqi” (An Oriental Routine by Aida Nour)
4) “In a Day and a night” Mohamed Abdul Wahab

Class include notes and music.

3. Dancing with Isis Wings

(All levels)

Selena Kareena dancing with Isis WingsIn this class Selena will share/demonstrate how to dance with Isis Wings. Fantasy becomes real as the possibilities of dancing with this magnificent prop are explored. Some of Selena’s favorite moves and poses will be shared, incorporating a variety of beautiful classic stills, poses and spins. This is a fun class for all levels, and includes a short choreography to learn how to use the wings in a Real Dance sequence. Class includes notes and music. Wings available for use and/for sale!